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10 Best Bets for Touring the Breathtakingly Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada
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Overview Map of the Sunshine Coast

Tourism Contacts and
Sample Itinerary

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BC Ferries
Soames Point
Half Moon Bay
Jervis Inlet (West Coast Wilderness Lodge)
Skookumchuck Narrows

Desolation Sound





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Tourism Contacts and Sample Itinerary

For an overview of arranging your independent back-packing excursion through the wilderness rainforests of Victoria Island

Backpack Victoria Island Wilderness areas 

Other outdoor activities
sea kayaking, sailing, mountain biking, hiking, fresh and saltwater fishing,
 air tours, and boat tours


Looking for more tourism info on the small towns? The following small towns are all featured on the Sunshine Coast Tourism website.

Langdale to Egmont featuring Gibsons, Sechelt and
Pender Harbour

Gambier Island, Keats Island, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Thormanby Island, Secret Cove, Pender Harbour, Ruby Lake, Egmont, Earl's Cove, Nelson Island

The Upper Sunshine Coast:
Saltery Bay to Lund featuring
Powell River


(approximately 5 pages)

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Sample Itinerary

                                    Vancouver, Coast and Mountains
             250-1508 West 2nd Avenue                   
Vancouver, BC V6J 1H2


ARRIVAL DATE     Arrive for overnight in Vancouver or a nearby suburb. We suggest  staying in Steveston before starting BC Coast tour. 

Day 1          Pick up your rental car for your cruise up the BC coast. You should have a confirmation # for your pickup. You will love the fact that Budget will pick you up upon arrival and deliver you to to the airport or train depot upon deliver of your vehicle FREE of charge.. $50 charge if you deliver to a different outlet than where you picked the vehicle up.

                                    Budget Rent-A-Car
                                    3691 No. 3 Road
                                    Richmond, BC

Phone: 604-257-8287 

4:00pm             Depart Vancouver for Horseshoe Bay to take the ferry to the Sunshine Coast.  

Directions to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal: Drive West on Georgia Street, through Stanley Park. Cross the Lions Gate Bridge and follow Highway 1 (Upper Levels Highway) to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Total estimated driving time from downtown Vancouver: 40 minutes to TWO HOURS depending on traffic conditions. 

Ferry departs
Horseshoe Bay for Langdale/Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure. 

                        BC Ferries Corporation
                        1112 Fort Street
                        Victoria, BC   V8V 4V2
                        Toll Free Information & Reservations: 888-223-3779

 7:00pm             Arrive in Langdale and drive north to Soames Point Bed & Breakfast in Gibsons.    

Directions: Leaving Langdale Ferry Terminal, turn left at the traffic light. Travel 2km along Marine Drive towards Gibsons. Soames Point B&B is on the water side of the road, 200 metres down the driveway. Driving time: 5 minutes.

7:10pm             Arrive at Soames Point Bed & Breakfast in Gibsons for overnight stay.   

                        Enjoy being the only guests in the bright, spacious and private 600 square foot oceanfront suite. Your accommodation includes a fireplace for cozy relaxation, panoramic windows for enjoying the stunning ocean view, a kitchenette for those times when you feel like making a snack.           

            Soames Point Bed & Breakfast
                                    1000 B Marine Drive
                                    Gibsons, BC   VON 1V1                          
                                    Phone: 604-886-8599

                         Dinner suggestions:
Molly’s Reach Restaurant

Canadian/West Coast Style
Overlooking entrance to harbour, and at the entrance to the Government dock and walking pier.Phone: 604-886-9710

 Waterfront Restaurant
The Waterfront Restaurant right in the heart of Gibsons Landing, a great place to dine and enjoy our beautiful waterfront view. Relax in our casual-friendly non-smoking atmosphere. If you are in a hurry, make sure you check out our new Take Out window.

Waterfront side, 450 Marine Drive
Phone: 604-886-2831

Leo's Tapas & Grill
Mediterranean Style
North side of the street, downtown Gibsons Landing
Phone: 604-886-9414

Day 2 

7:30am             Enjoy breakfast Soames Point Bed & Breakfast.

8:30am             Tour the local shops in Gibsons, a scenic seaside village that acts as the                          gateway to the Sunshine Coast. Surrounded by mountains and ocean, its historic                         working harbour is alive with charm and character. Be sure to include visits to the                         Winegarden Waterfront Park, the Wharfinger Building and stroll the refurbished                          public wharf and promenade. Stroll down Molly’s Lane and discover a                           meandering streetscape of shops, galleries, bookstores, markets and                                            restaurants.


10:00am           Depart Gibsons for Sechelt.
Follow Hwy. 101 north to Sechelt. Driving time: 15 minutes.


10:15am           Arrive Sechelt and tour the cultural centre of the Sunshine Coast. Sechelt has a                             strong community of artists, writers and musicians.

                        Suggested day activities:

·         Tsain-Ko Giftshop & Gallery: Located in the Sechelt Indian Band ‘House of hewhiwus’ Complex at 5555 Hwy #101. The gallery represents Westcoast Native Artists, both local and from other groups throughout British Columbia.

·         The ‘tems swija’ (Our World) Museum: Learn more about the Arts and Culture of the Aboriginal People of the Westcoast.


11:30am           Depart Sechelt for Garden Bay.


Directions: Follow Hwy. 101 north to Garden Bay. Driving time: 30 minutes.


12:00pm           Arrive Garden Bay.


                        Lunch suggestions in Garden Bay:

                        Garden Bay Pub & Restaurant
                        Since 1932, the Garden Bay Hotel and Marina and its landmark boat and visitor                              facilities have welcomed visitors to the inner calm of lovely Pender Harbour. With                 an expansive new garden deck, pub with live entertainment, and a fine dining                           restaurant, they invite you to come and experience the splendor of the Sunshine                                   Coast with comfort and enjoyment.
                        4958 Lyons Road                      

                        Phone: 604-883-9919


                        Irvines Landing Marine Pub
The lifestyle of Irvines Landing is centered around the water and the boat launch                              ramp, with many residents engaged in commercial fishing, sports fishing and                          pleasure boating. Irvines Landing offers a campsite, a grocery store, and a                                     restaurant and pub.                   

                        4531 Irvines Road

                        Phone: 604-883-1145


6:00pm             Depart Garden Bay for Halfmoon Bay.


Directions: Follow Hwy. 101 south to Halfmoon Bay. Wildflowers Bed & Breakfast is on Brooks Road which is marked on the highway with signs for Smugglers Cove Provincial Park. You will see the Wildflowers’ logo on the right approx. ½ mile down Brooks Road. Driving time: 15 minutes.


6:15pm             Arrive Halfmoon Bay and check-into Wilderflowers Bed & Breakfast for overnight                             stay.


                        Wildflowers Bed & Breakfast was constructed in the spring of 1999 for the sole                               purpose of providing guests with a romantic, secluded place to spend some time.                   The B&B consists of two cottages nestled up against a rock bluff several hundred                     feet from the main dwelling.


                                    Wildflowers Bed & Breakfast
5813 Brooks Road
                                    Halfmoon Bay, BC

                                    Phone: 604-885-7346
                                    Fax: 604-885-7242

6:50pm             Depart Wildflowers Bed & Breakfast for Rockwater Secret Cove Resort.

Directions: Drive onto Highway 101, turn north, go through Halfmoon Bay Area and then Secret Cove Resort Area. Approx. 1.5 km past Secret Cove Resort Area, turn left onto the Second Mercer Road. Take the first right onto Ole’s Cove Road and follow signs down to the resort. Driving time: 10 minutes.

 7:00pm             Arrive Rockwater Secret Cove Resort and enjoy dinner.                    

                        Rockwater Secret Cove Resort has gained a strong reputation for dining                                         excellence on the Sunshine Coast.  

                                    Rockwater Secret Cove Resort
                                    5356 Ole's
Cove Road
Halfmoon Bay, BC   V0N 1Y2

Phone: 604-885-7038
                                    Fax: 604-885-7036

Day 3

 7:00am             Enjoy breakfast Wildflowers Bed & Breakfast.

 8:00am             Depart Wildflowers Bed & Breakfast for Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park.

Directions to Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park: Follow Highway 101 and take Egmont Road. To reach the rapids, you will need to walk an easy 4km trail past Brown Lake.

8:10am             Arrive Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park. Enjoy a hike in the                                                Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park.

This park was established in 1957. Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park provides trails and viewing areas for visitors who wish to experience the awesome power of incredibly turbulent tidal rapids. On a 3 meter tide, 200 billion gallons of water flow through the narrows connecting Sechelt and Jervis Inlet.

The difference in water levels between one side of the rapids and the other sometimes exceeds 2 metres in height. Current speeds can exceed 30km/hr. The rapids are famous for their spectacular whirlpools and whitewater.

There are opportunities to view tidal rapids, waterfowl and abundant marine life at various tidal levels. Brown Lake provides further waterfowl viewing opportunities.

9:50am             Depart for Earls Cove Ferry Terminal.
Follow Hwy. 101 north to Earls Cove Ferry Terminal. Driving time: 10 minutes.

10:00am           Arrive Earls Cove Ferry Terminal.

10:20am           (YOU MUST CHECK SCHEDULE FOR YOUR DATE)  Ferry schedules vary with holidays and seasons! Ferry departs Earls Cove for Saltery Bay.
                        Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.

11:10am           Arrive Saltery Bay Ferry Terminal and depart Saltery Bay for Powell River.
Follow Hwy. 101 north to Powell River. Driving time: 30 minutes.

11:40am           Arrive in Powell River and enjoy lunch or enjoy lunch on the ferry. 

                        Lunch suggestions:
River City Coffee
140 – 4801 Joyce Avenue
                        Phone: 604-485-0011

                        Rocky Mountain Pizza & Bakery Co Ltd.
4471 Marine Avenue
                        Phone: 604-485-9111 

                        Powell River Town Centre Hotel
                        4660 Joyce Avenue
                        Phone: 604-485-3000 

2:00pm             Enjoy a walk through Willingdon Beach Municipal Park. 

At the northwest end of Westview, the heart of Powell River, lies Willingdon Beach Municipal Park and Campground. A large park of lush green forests  interlaced with hiking trails.

Any supplies for Treks out of LUND, must be purchased here at Westview. Be sure you have reservations in Lund if you intend to stay overnight or use a guide.

5:30pm             Depart Powell River for Lund.
Follow Hwy. 101 north to Lund. Driving time: 30 minutes.

6:00pm             Arrive Lund and check in to The Historic Lund Hotel for overnight stay. Reservations required. 

                        The historic fishing village of Lund was founded by the Thulin brothers in 1889.                                Its Swedish heritage is still visible in the distinctive charm of the Lund Hotel.                             Known for its abundance of fish, crab, clams and oysters, the tiny township offers                    sport fishing and sightseeing tours, as well as a boardwalk, craft shops, cafes                                     and restaurants overlooking the harbour. Lund is the gateway to Desolation                                    Sound and the Lund water taxi makes regular trips to the outlying islands.

            Lund Hotel
General Delivery, 9737 Hwy 101
            Lund, BC   V0N 2G0
                                    Phone: 604-485-6080
                                    Fax: 604-485-0321

7:00pm             Enjoy an evening boat cruise in the Desolation Sound.                     

 Day 4

 8:00am             Enjoy breakfast at the Historic Lund Hotel. There is also a good cafe breakfast served at the Discovery Boat Tour ticket office.                  

 8:50am             Depart the Historic Lund Hotel for a boat tour of Desolation Sound with                                           Terracentric Coastal Adventures. 

9:00am             Arrive Terracentric Coastal Adventures and enjoy a boat tour. 

                        Enjoy a 3 hour boat Desolation Sound Discovery boat tour through a stunning                                 scenery, old homesteads and wildlife.

                                     Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd.
                                    P.O. Box 146
                                    Lund, BC   V0N 2G0
Phone: 604-483-7900
                                    Fax: 604-483-7900                               

12:00pm           Depart Terracentric Coastal Adventures for Powell River.
Follow Hwy. 101 south to Powell River. Driving time: 30 minutes.

 12:30pm           Arrive Powell River, visit the Historic Townsite and enjoy lunch.
                        Situated along the magnificent
Malaspina Strait, Powell River is surrounded by                               some of the most spectacular natural beauty and fishing destinations in the                              world. Powell River’s rich First Nations heritage, and the creativity of its                                      residents, is clearly visible in the many local shops.

                        Lunch suggestions:
River City Coffee
140 – 4801 Joyce Avenue
                        Phone: 604-485-0011

                        Rocky Mountain Pizza & Bakery Co Ltd.
4471 Marine Avenue
                        Phone: 604-485-9111 

                        Powell River Town Centre Hotel
                        4660 Joyce Avenue
                        Phone: 604-485-3000

3:20pm             Depart Powell River for Saltery Bay.

 Directions: Follow Hwy. 101 south to Saltery Bay Ferry Terminal. Driving time: 30 minutes.

 3:50pm             Arrive Saltery Bay

3:30pm             Ferry departs Saltery Bay for Earls Cove. (TIMES ARE NOTED FOR SAMPLE ONLY. YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR FERRY SCHEDULE) 

4:20pm             Arrive Earls Cove and depart for West Coast Wilderness Lodge in Egmont. 

Directions: Follow Hwy. 101 south, turn left when you see a sign for Egmont and follow the Egmont Road for six kilometers until you reach Maple Road. Then turn left and continue approximately 1.5 kilometers to a junction with a large sign for Egmont Marina. On the right you will see a large wooden fence and a sign for West Coast Wilderness Lodge. Driving time: 15 minutes.

4:35pm             Arrive West Coast Wilderness Lodge and check in for overnight stay.                       

                        Escape. Take the time to reconnect with all of your senses while immersed in                                some of the most breathtaking natural surroundings in the world. Imagine your                          personal wilderness experience. 

                                    West Coast Wilderness Lodge
                                    General Delivery
                                    Egmont, BC   V0N 1N0
                                    Phone: 604-883-3667
                                    Fax: 604-883-3604

7:00pm             Enjoy dinner at West Coast Wilderness Lodge.
Enjoy a great meal in a special space with a backdrop of unequalled views.


Day 5 

7:00am             Enjoy breakfast at West Coast Wilderness Lodge.                      

8:00am             Enjoy a Kayak Tour with West Coast Wilderness Lodge.                       

11:00am           Depart West Coast Wilderness Lodge for Langdale Ferry Terminal.   

                        Lunch suggestion:

                        The Gumboot Café
                        The Gumboot Café at
Roberts Creek offers not only a great menu but also an                                 amazing range of performers on a very regular basis as does the Roberts Creek                               Hall with live bands and performers.
                        Roberts Creek
                        Phone: 604-885-4216 

                        The Old Boot Eatery
                        Danny & Dino (and families) have created a one-of-a-kind eatery for Sechelt.                                   Style: Italian, crazy
                        Wharf Street Plaza, Sechelt
                        Phone: 604-885-2727

                        The Georgia Strait Café
                        Style: West coast eclectic, including free range and vegetarian entrees, and of                               course, great coffee.
                        4349 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Sechelt
                        Phone: 604-885-1997     

Just that you know, Hwy 101 on the lower coast is popular for the Purple Banner Route, a route along the winding coastline with a multitude of art and cultural talents. There is a high concentration of artists on the Sunshine Coast, and participating artists display purple banners that identify art studios, galleries and artisan workshops that are open for visitors.

The Purple Banner Route Map can help you in your routing. Participating purple banner artists offer a perspective that many travellers never see — the unique studios and galleries created by the artists, local scenery through the artists’ eye, or a social commentary that makes one think just a little differently about the world in which we live. These studios and galleries offer works of every discipline — from clay to fibres, watercolour to organic gardens, musical instruments to forged metal bells. These creative elements combined with a rich First Nations heritage, is responsible for numerous country fairs, art and craft events, and widely acclaimed writing and music festivals that draw visitors from all over the world.


2:00pm             Arrive Langdale. 

2:30pm             Ferry departs Langdale for Horseshoe Bay.  (SAMPLE TIME ONLY) 

3:10pm             Ferry arrives Horseshoe Bay. Drive to Sewells Marina for a Sea Safari Tour. 

                        Directions: When you get off the ferry take the exit to Horseshoe Bay village. At                             the water, turn left on to Bay Street. Look for the yellow building right in front of                                 you in the center of the bay, to the right of the big propeller water fountain, home                               of Sewell's Ocean Adventure Center and The Lookout Coffee Shop. 

3:20pm             Arrive Sewells Marina in West Vancouver 

4:00pm             Enjoy Sewells Sea Safari. 

Grab a seat on their custom-designed, high-speed, 28 ft. rigid hull inflatable, powered by twin Verado Mercury 4 stroke outboard engines. With an experienced guide at the helm, you won't miss a thing on your Guided Group Nature Tour. Their Howe Sound safari takes you on a 2 hour adventure to the spectacular scenery and wildlife which make coastal British Columbia world famous! 

6:00pm             Depart Sewells Marina to Lonsdale Quay Hotel in North Vancouver. 

                        Directions: Drive out Horseshoe Bay village onto the Highway and follow                         Highway 99 to North Vancouver. Take Lonsdale Exit and follow Lonsdale Avenue                     to the foot of it where you will find the Lonsdale Quay Hotel.

 6:30pm             Arrive at Lonsdale Quay Hotel in North Vancouver and check in for overnight                                   stay. Reservations required. 

This North Vancouver waterfront hotel is unobtrusively knit into the top two floors of the multi-function Lonsdale Quay Market complex, which offers dozens of stores, restaurants, produce stands, and entertainment venues. 

                                    Lonsdale Quay Hotel
123 Carrie Cates Court
North Vancouver, BC   V7M 3K7                              Phone: 604-904-3044  Fax: 604-904-3048

 Dinner suggestion in North Vancouver:

Gusto di Quattro
1 Lonsdale,
North Vancouver
Phone: 604-924-4444 

Possibly the oldest quality restaurant location in North Vancouver, re-established in the warm room begun by the old Corsi Trattoria. In addition to main menu, periodic set regional specialties. Same management and food style as Quattro on Fourth. There are frequent regional specialty menus, plus a prix fix three course dinner for $25, a chef's "Roman Feast" for two so the choices are considerable. The pastas, of which there are eight at dinner, have been famous since the days of the Trattoria.

Not for dinner but a great spot for chocolate:

Cinnamon’s Chocolates
119 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver

Phone: 604-984-3390

Tom Cinnamon has been making chocolates for over three decades: 28 years at Purdy’s and almost six at Cinnamon’s Chocolates where his chocolate-dipped strawberries are so popular there’s an e-mail list for devotees. These days, it’s the martini chocolate collection based on popular cocktails like the cosmopolitan that’s flying out the door, followed by just-introduced gelatos, with six of the 14 mirroring the martini flavours.

Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates
128–998 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-924-1847

Thomas Haas is a fourth-generation European pastry chef, and one of the top pastry chefs/chocolatiers on the continent. His jewel box–like store has a window that looks into the kitchen so you can settle in with a coffee and sparkle cookie and watch Haas and his team at work. Bestsellers: passion-fruit and vanilla truffles, biodynamic peach and plum galettes, and—“the breakfast of champions”, according to Haas—fruit-filled croissant pull-aparts.


Day 6  8:00am             Enjoy breakfast at Lonsdale Quay Hotel. Return rental vehicle and continue on your route home, or perhaps to the Via Rail train station for your journey to Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff!

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