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10 Best Bets for Touring the Breathtakingly Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada
Rich and Pat Middleton. 
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West Coast Wilderness Lodge, it's all about the VIEW, the Fine Dining, and the FUN!

Never... before our visit to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia... have we vacationed in a locale where fine food and natural splendor so exquisitely complimented one another. This is a destination where each vista rivals the next for "most stunning to the eye," most satisfying to the spirit," or "most rewarding for the naturalist."


 Just reviewing the photographs of the view of Jervis Inlet from the deck of West Coast Wilderness Lodge makes my heart sing! This setting was, for us, the unrivaled  jewel of the Sunshine Coast. The only place to be at the Lodge  (if one wasn't eating at the Islet Restaurant) was out on the deck with a book, a coffee, or a glass of wine and fresh smoked salmon (but that's eating again) ......  OR out on the still deep blue inlet with a kayak!


Islet Restaurant at West Coast Wilderness Lodge


 Enjoy outdoor dining?
This was unbeatable!

My question for Paul, the owner of this relatively new "lodge in process" was, "How do you find a place like this?"


"You look hard and long," he told me. "And you buy it the moment you find it!"


 Below, view from the deck at West Coast Wilderness Lodge....


Jervis inlet (seen here) is hugged by deeply forested mountains and islets that serve to shelter the waters for boaters and wildlife alike. Somehow, starfish and ocean kelp seem out of place in these warm waters, but of course, this is all seawater and home to some of the richest ocean diving in North America. We were told that while surface waters are warm to the touch, diving suits are required when swimming in the much colder seas ten feet below the surface.




Mr. Bald Eagle is
doing a little "kayak
from a wooded islet in
Jervis Bay.





Now to the FUN! I've said before that the best view of any beautiful waterway comes from out there in the middle of it! West Coast Wilderness Lodge overlooks one of the more popular and most beautiful kayaking areas on the coast. Here, wildlife (and sea life) is diverse and accessible...even to the novice kayaker.



Safety first on a guided kayaking tour of Jervis Inlet.


Kayaking from the dock at West Coast Wilderness. Looking to fly in on a seaplane from Portland? This is the place.





Directions to West Coast Wilderness Lodge

From Highway 101, turn onto Egmont Road and follow it for nearly 6 km to a junction with a large sign for Egmont Marina. On the right you will see a large wooden fence and a sign for West Coast Wilderness Lodge.

West Coast Wilderness Lodge
General Delivery
Egmont, BC  V0N 1N0
Phone: 604-883-3667


Directions to Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park

Follow Highway 101 north, past Garden Bay and the Pender Harbour area and take Egmont Road. To reach the rapids you will  need to walk an easy 4 km trail past Brown Lake. The opportunity to walk among ancient stumps and old growth cedars was a high point of our trip. The day we visited, the tide at the Narrows was at a relatively low point so the walk was great. Be sure to carry water with you on the hike (and all hikes).


from Earls Cover Ferry Terminal to Saltery Bay, Powell River, Lund and Desolation Sound

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