Wild River, Wooden Boats
by Michael Gillespie.
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by James Swift,
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160 pages. Glossary and index, photos, maps, bibilography
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Wild River, Wooden Boats
True Stories of Steamboating on the Missouri River.

by Michael Gillespie

Steamboating on the Missouri River required a different breed of boat, designed specifically to be propelled, fueled and repaired by crewmen plying an untamed river. These great boats carried freight by the hundreds of tons, passengers by the score, and literally lifted themselves over shoals and reefs. These smoking, puffing, creaking works of carpenter Gothic usually wore themselves out or sank to the bottom within five years of their launching.

      This Missouri River is not the river we know today, but a wild river as recalled by the crewmen and passengers who traveled it in the nineteenth century, recording their stories as memoirs, diary and journal entries. The stories contain long-forgotten accounts of steamboat navigation and operations,  vivid descriptions of the river, the crewmen and passengers, and tales of disaster and unexpected peril.

     And there is more to those episodes than just a parade of boats on the river. In every story we catch a glimpse of our shared human traits played out in different times and circumstances. It is for our benefit as well as their own that those pioneers faced the challenge of their frontier river. WILD RIVER, WOODEN BOATS is their story--and ours.

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Wild Rivers, Wooden Boats
Wild Rivers, Wooden Boats

True Stories of Steamboating on the Missouri.
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