Saturday October 20th 2012

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Now is the time to order your historic map ART for Christmas/Holiday gifting.  Our 1887 Mississippi River Historic Ribbon Map can now be artisan matted, framed and shipped nation-wide for $170.

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"I have visited the map page 100 times this year, wishing I could buy
one of Lisa's beautiful maps...!"


If this sounds like you, take note... order today and receive 20% OFF ANY of our Hand-painted historic reproductions of antique Mississippi River maps!!  i> 

Welcome to those who recently met our map artist at the Kalispell art show!  Please see details on our hand-painted historic maps of the old Pacific Northwest by visiting  

 To ORDER any of the hand-painted maps below, just call us at
888-255-7726 or order online below! 
5x7" photo quality note cards are available for ALL historic maps.  $4.50 ea


  • "We all LOVED the plantation painting I bought for my son last year. This year I get to buy one for myself! In fact, my brother wants a copy also, so I will order that right away if you have two available!"  Reserve, Louisiana
  • "My daughter graduates this year with a heavy emphasis on Mississippi River history. I thought your hand-painted antique map would be a perfect graduation gift for her."  ~ Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • "Thank you, my father loved his map!"  ~ New Orleans
  • "Your Ivory map is beautiful!! He will love it! Thanks so much!"  ~ Seattle

"I have to ask you for two more maps... my wife wants them for the living room and I'm not willing to give up mine in the den!"   ~Illinois

  • The Les Etats Unis is beautiful. Thanks for going the extra mile for us!" ~ Washington, DC
  • "We received our map yesterday... it is fabulous!"  ~Atlanta, Georgia
  • My Lt. Ross map was wonderful. I framed it and display it next to an antique Scottish map. The artist did a beautiful, beautiful job! ~ Texas
  • I am replacing a map my husband remembers as a child. It is so meaningful to him. Thank you! - Louisiana
  • "We loved our giant 1887 ribbon map! It's perfect for the 2-story foyer."  Mpls, Mn
  • "Absolutely, we thought the hand-painted maps were fabulous. They have terrific impact in our gallery windows!"
                     ~Vintage Gallery, 429 Royal Street, French Quarter, New Orleans
  • "I visited this site one thousand times... I'm so excited to have my 60" ribbon map!" ~ Louisiana
  • "Thank you! My two maps are PERFECT. My husband will love them!"  ~ Iowa
  • "My mother-in-law loves the Mississippi River and loves old maps, so this is perfect for her."  ~ Louisiana

NEW! Vermont, 1855, published by J.H. Colton

For the first time, we now offer an historic American map that is "off  River." Lake Champlain and the state of VERMONT feature in this beautiful hand-painted historic map.

So if you have a family member who hails from Vermont, this one is FOR YOU.

Hand-Painted historic reproduction at $356.00 NOW $285

We also have TWO Artist's Proofs Available at $156 each  Now $125

NEW! "1895 Upper Mississippi River" based on
1803-05 Zebulon Pike Expedition.
Filled with geographical and historical commentary. Inset is detailed map of Lake Itasca and the Mississippi River headwaters.  Approximately 24" x 36"


Hand-Painted historic reproduction of Pike's Upper Mississippi Expeditions at $356.00

Now $285

We also have TWO Artist's Proofs Available at $256 each  Now $205

Click here to see our gallery of photographs showing close-ups of historic map details. Then return to order online (below) or give us a call. More maps follow below!

(Detail) Map of the Course of the Mississippi River
Limited Edition Gift Print.

Limited Edition Print  8" x 26"

Limited Edition GIFT Print: Map of the Course of the Mississippi"
Price: $24.95

Click here for more detail samples


2 Beautiful Artist's Prints are available
  Now  $160


Map of the Course of the Mississippi River from the Missouri and the Country of the Illinois to the Mouths of the Lower River
by George Collot

Original Hand-Colored painting of this historic map reproduction
Map size 10" x 36"

$356  Now $285

Includes St. Charles and "Kaokia", New Madrid, Natchez, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and south to the mouths of the Mississippi.

Vicksburg is noted as Fort Nogales or WALNUT HILLS. Lots of notations, such as "swampy land for distance of 2 or 3 leagues."

Map of the Course of the Mississippi River
   Now $285

1858 Plantation Map
Hand-Painted in exquisite Detail!

Antiqued, hand-painted reproduction of the PLANTATION MAP, 1858, South from Natchez, Mississippi, including parts of  Arkansas, and Louisiana.
We currently have only 3 of these beautiful, large hand-painted maps available. Individual plantations are clearly labeled. 

"Your Ivory map is beautiful!! He will love it! Thanks so much!" 
~ Seattle  

36" x 57" 

Hand-painted 1858 Plantation Map
Price: $600 NOW $480








Also Available, ARTIST'S PROOF
1858 Plantation Map Print

Only 7  full-sized proof prints were made of our 2006 Plantation Map Painting. Certificate provided.
Price: $300
NOW $240

Click envelope to email us your question or comment!Questions? Please call us at 888-255-7726 (days only, please!) or email anytime: 


Crawford County, Wisconsin River to the Rock River in Illinois

5x7" photo quality note cards are available for ALL historic maps.  $4.50 ea

Please call 888-255-7726 to order.





Portion of the Crawford County Lead Mines bounded by the Wisconsin River to the North and the Mississippi River to the West. Includes Mineral Point, Dodgeville to the East. Reproduction is crystal clear.

Hand-colored, $300.00  Now $240

Full-sized ARTIST PROOF Available, $156

NOW $125


1887 Ribbon Map by Willard Glazier
Hand Painted Collector Edition

This reproduction of a rare Mississippi River "ribbon map" was drawn by Captain Willard Glazier to "prove" his premise that the True Source of the Mississippi was Lake Glazier rather than Lake Itasca. Looking for modern day towns on an old map? Many modern-day towns are included in this. It also contains many towns noted no longer appear on maps, like Waterproof...which wasn't!


Each ribbon map in this edition is delicately and individually  hand-painted in skillfully blended watercolor earth tones.
Available in two sizes.

Hand-Painted Father of Waters
 4" x 38"  $198
 Now $160


Hand-Painted 60" 1887 Glazier Ribbon Map, Father of Waters
Price: $356.00
  Now $285

Limited Edition Color Gift Print, 1887 Glazier Ribbon Map, Father of Waters

All our hand-painted historic map reproductions can be produced to any size on a commission basis.


 CLICK HERE for detailed historical information on Mississippi River RIBBON MAPS.



Les Etats UNIS (The United States)
L'Amerique Septentrionale

Partie Occidentale

Par (by) M. BONNE  Ingenieur Hydrographe de la Marine.

All French, good detail from Lac Superieur to the mouths of the Mississippi. To south, it shows Ft. de la Pointe Coupee, R. Rouge, Ft. des Natches, Ft. St. Pierre and mentions Ft. Rosalie without the usual annotation that the Fort was destroyed (seen in our maps dated 1756 or later).

In the north it shows a very large Lac Rouge, Saute St. Antoine (St. Anthony Falls), Fort St. Nicolas near the Ouisconsing (Wisconsin) R. and etc.

Good detail on Fort S. Philippe, Cahokias, and several lead mines in the Ste. Genevieve area. Good detail on the Ohio River and it's tributaries. Good detail of the Apalachian Mountains, Georgie, Cherokee country, etc.

More detail East of the Mississippi than West (although there is good detail for inland Minnesota). Unlike any other map, it shows the Mississippi going towards inland Minnesota and notes that the source is UNKNOWN.

The maps are beautifully hand-tinted in color and in brown tones. The print on the smaller size is readable, but the larger size is much easier to read.

For detail of the upper River, Minnesota, and east to Michigan and the Appalachian mountains, these maps are my favorites.

One of a kind, Hand-Painted Reproduction of Les Etats Unis
Price: $356.00
Now $285





Beautifully Hand Colored Reproduction of the 1698 Italian "GULFO DEL MESSICO"
$256.00   NOW  $205

From the Arkansas River to the Gulf of Mexico (includes the Arkansas Post) and EAST to the northern coast of Florida. This ITALIAN map is one of our most detailed and most beautiful maps. 


Hand Painted GULFO del MESSICO   $256.00    NOW $205
Map Size:  13 x 18 inches

Email us!  Click envelope to email us your question or comment! or Phone 888-255-7726 to ORDER

Carte de La Louisianne - French Map of the Missouri River

1757, from the Appalachians to the Rockies, North to St. Paul, the entire Mississippi. Notes French colonies, Indian nations and towns, Mines, the River St. Louis (Mississippi River) and adjacent rivers. From the "Saute de St. Antoine" (Minneapolis) to the Gulf. Very detailed for much of the Missouri River and western regions. Mouth of the Mississippi is marked as "unknown". 

Hand painted  $226.00
   NOW  $180
Map size  13"x18"

Hand Painted Carte de La Louisianne
Price: $226.00
  Now $180

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Lt. Ross Map of the Course of the Mississippi from Fort du Chartres in opposite the Missouri River to the Gulf. Prepared in 1765. (portion shown)     
14x36" Hand Colored   $280

Lieutenant Ross' large scale map of the Mississippi is the largest format map of the Mississippi during the 18th Century, and the most detailed British Military Survey of the River. The map is based upon D'Anville's large map of 1746 and his Carte de la Louisianne published in 1752.   Shows Fort Chartres in the north, and Fort Kaskaskia. Adds substantial detail for southern portions of the map, including Pointe Coupee and Fort Rosalie. 

Hand Color-Tinted "Lt. Ross: Map of the Course of the Mississippi"
17" x 44.5"    Price: $356.00
 NOW $285

Email us!  Click envelope to email us your question or comment! or Phone 888-255-7726 to ORDER


Mississippi River HEADWATERS 1887

Willard Glazier Limited Edition Color Print

Includes Glazier's exact canoe route and dates from his journey through the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the lake he called Lake Glazier.

Map Print Size 16"x11"   $24.95

Original, signed, hand-painted version of this 1887 map is also available.  Now $180
 Phone 888-255-7726 to ORDER the hand-painted original of the Headwaters map


Limited Edition GIFT PRINT of Glazier's HEADWATERS of the Mississippi"
Price: $24.95


Suite du Cours du
Fleuve St. Louis (Mississippi River) 

by Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772), published in Paris, 1764

From the Iberville River to the Yazoo River.  Fort Rosalie (Natchez) is shown. Also Fort de la Pointe Coupee.

A portion of the Red River is detailed as well as an inset map of French settlements near the Natchitoches and
historic Fort St. Jean. Click link to see details of this map! 

Bellin is one of the most proficient French cartographers of the mid-eighteenth century. Appointed the first "Ingenieur Hydrographe de la Marine."


Map size 30 " x 20"
Hand-painted Historic Map Reproduction: $356 NOW $285

Yes! We do paint privately owned maps.. we will produce a high resolution scan to the size you require. Phone or email us with your query.

Email us!  Click envelope to email us your question or comment! or Phone 888-255-7726 to ORDER  
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We are in the process of adding the rest of our maps to this shopping cart... To ORDER any of the above maps, just call us at 888-255-7726!

Please check back!!

Meanwhile we recommend to you any of the following great Mississippi River art products!

Unique real-photo NOTE CARDS of hand painted antiqued maps. 5x7 size, individually packaged with envelope and clear acetate. Set covers stretches of the entire Mississippi River. Extremely limited edition!
Ask us how to put your favorite bit of the river on a custom note card!

Antique map set of 5 note cards
Price: $20.95

New! We've recently come into possession of a number of historic Civil War images
from the Port Hudson area that are appropriate for framing.

$19.95 each.

Click here to see our gallery of photographs showing close-ups of historic map details. Then return to order online (below) or give us a call.

Click here to "Meet the Map Artist!"


Call 888-255-7726 to Order.




Steamboat Sketches by Neal Fink

Prints of 20+ historic riverboats are appropriate for framing!


Click photo, left, to see our entire selection of prints. Note which specific boat prints you wish to purchase in the comment box of the online order form when you click the purchase button below..



Steamboat Sketches with Foam Board
Price: $21.95

For More on Steamboat History we recommend

Come Hell or High Water
by Michael Gillespie

A Lively History of Steamboating...  with a delightful and informative anthology of accounts from steamboat passengers, crews and journalists of the 19th century. Personal accounts of all aspects of steamboat travel from the development and construction of vessels, to steamboat races, accidents and the pleasures of Mississippi & Ohio river travel.

Come Hell or High Water
Price: $24.95

For more on modern-day commercial river boating

One Man and the Mighty Mississippi

by Norman Hillman
Price: $21.95


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