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April 26, 1996

Mormon Exodus Anniversary Prompts Interest in Mississippi River Travel Guides

A year-long commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Mormon Exodus from Nauvoo, Illinois, to Salt Lake City, Utah, commenced in February 1996. Throughout 1996 thousands of Mormons are expected to make the journey from Utah, California, England and other Mormon enclaves to visit Nauvoo, the original "Zion" for the Mormon believers.

There is no more comprehensive guide to the heritage and natural history of the Mississippi River Valley than Discover! America's Great River Road, a travel series by nationally recognized river author, Pat Middleton. Volume II in particular, guides the traveler from Dubuque, Iowa, to St. Louis, Missouri. Nauvoo is featured in its own chapter in this volume. The series also includes a completely revised and updated Volume I (St. Paul to Dubuque). Volume III (St. Louis to Memphis) will be released fall of 1996. Books are available from Heritage Press at 608-457-2734 (Fax 608-782-5768 or Email Retail price is $13.95 each.

Also available is the Mississippi River Activity Guide ($5.50), a workbook designed for children in grades three through six. Via numerous games, puzzles, and illustrations, it provides information on many river studies and historical concepts of interest to younger children and their parents and teachers. Brand new from Heritage Press is the Mississippi River Home Page on the Internet at Middleton maintains this Mississippi River travel and educational resources "supersite," offering quality "Travel Insight Features," travel Q&As, and many links to other related sites.